Monday, January 24, 2011

Shaun isn't real

either that or I'm not, either way the duel existence has come to an end, reality, as these blogs have not something ment to be taken lightly. Playing games can tear someones mind apart and lead to stress and trauma, I don't know who I am anymore, These memories could have easily been fabricated. These blogs have been untouched and I haven't seen him in weeks but I still hear his voice and feel his compulsions; it's unnaturally...natural. The pain and torment, his travel home, and chance finding me? I think there is none.

Friday, December 24, 2010


It's been a long fucking month.  It's snowing now and there is comfort in the holidays.  Children sledding, me falling flat on my face trying to sled, dogs barking and all that shit.  The sent of candles burning and packages in the mail, yup good stuff.  Classes are out and I don't work for the next two days, I'll get some sleep for once I haven't had a haircut in weeks.  Cigarettes are tasty and the new computer is working nicely...yea.  There are no secret codes, there is no time.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Shaun's here.  We've been e-mailing back and forth leading to me picking him up and bring him back here for awhile.  He's advised me not to be too personal with these sort of things so I can't really disclose where I live for I suppose 'safety' reasons...yea...weird.  But we did have thanksgiving together, I was grateful for the company as I'm sure he was too.
On a side note the nightmares have become longer and more vivid.   I've noticed a lot of people seem to suffer recurring nightmares but mine are all new and almost thrilling in a way.  I haven't had another experience sense the day in the laundry that Shauns here maybe that will change.
so yea this is a short one, I think it's best to just leave it at that for now

Friday, November 19, 2010


So it's been awhile.  It's a friday night but I'm not fucking leaving.  I should have burned that journal...infact I did yesterday.  I'm sorry but I can't put up anymore pictures of that shit.
It might have just been fringe vision or it might just have been my drunken state but that bastard was there.  I can't do laundry on the second floor anymore and I suppose sleeping was just out of the question until last night. I didn't dream and I'm glad for that.  Nightmares aren't supposed to come in the middle of a day-dream.  I'm not sure though, I took a few days away from the internet to collect my thoughts.
He's still there.
I need to vent though, that's just pure common sense.  I've found some blogs and a lot of fan-art.  I don't know if it's true, I'd rather rationalize and accept that I'm more prone to delirium Still fuck Slenderman, there's no way that this assholes going to scare me out of my home and my life. The kid who wrote that book must have been scared, a lot like me, but more of a pussy. still if there's someone out there can you please explain what the fuck is going on? I need someone to talk to.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Can't even doodle

So my hand for some reason just isn't steady today.  I read into that journal some more last night, I would put some pictures up but things get too personal, I don't even know if I should be reading it.  I can't draw though it's slightly annoying but it's more than likely a side-effect from last nights little "terror."
That was one hell of a dream, I wish I could remember more but I just know it rattled the hell out of me.  What I can remember is not very suprising's all related to that journal.  All I know is that I never want to be stuck on a train with large creepy Slender men chasing me.  So I'll probably end up spending most of this free time either writing or scouring the internet, it's been awhile sense I've done this.  I have come to a singular conclusion, however...I need to look into this guy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the fuck?

After reading that Journal today I've come to 2 conclusions...
1. this kid is kind of young
2. this kid is fucking nuts
I don't know if it was a practical joke leaving it there, my neighbors, or friends just fucking with me or what but jesus christ?   I don't even want to know what this person took with them this is fuckin creepy.  I found allusions to a 'slender-man' and some very disturbed thoughts. After searching the web for a bit I found some videos and stuff, one of my nerd buddies(You know who you are) sent me to a series by marble hornets(did I spell that right?) and I'll admit, it's some pretty cool stuff, but fuck not enough to send someone packing across the country.
He does listen to some kick ass music though.  I found allusions to BTMI songs and some AJJ, good stuff dude...that kind of reinforces the idea that it's someone I know.
So I guess the point of posting this is kid if you read this go home, and if anybody finds some kid packing a note book I suggest you send him on his way.
oh and I took some pictures
...also if my scanner wasn't on the fritz I'd have scanned this but for obvious reasons are some shitty pictures.
(Note: the hand-writing sucks!!!)

I did transcribe the first page and it kind of made me laugh at first but now well shit I dunno, this person was serious...this wasn't just a journal it looks like a survival guide I dunno read for your-self

"To Whoever Finds this
Continue at your own risk
inside are the last reminents of who(what?) I am.
There is something far greater in this world
 and far more terrible than you can imagine

Following this any further will lead(land?) you into 
a catachlysm of obscurity, paranoia, and quite possibly
self (undeciferable)

There are 
^haha it ended with fucking.
I'm not sure though it seems really forced and gawdy, it's probably a joke 
conslusively if this guy was serious he needs some help...but if it's a joke it's pretty funny.
I dunno take it for what you will I'll go look into this slender man and see if I can make heads or tails of this.

Here we go again

well I've found a little time to update this thing so here's number 2 guys.
         This weekend has been pretty good.  I'm nearing finish on a nice piece, went to a party, and even laid down some good's been nice.  Still with all of that the most interesting piece would have to be something that happened last night.  Taking my usual smoke break on the fire-escape I came upon a rather interesting note-book.  I opened it up and it appeared to be some sort of journal/work-book so I climbed up top to see if someone had just left it.  It probably belongs to someone upstairs dropped it, ect. whatever regardless Being the nosey prick I am I decided to skim through it.  It's really pretty interesting, lots of drawings and entries, I'll probably read through the whole thing within the next few days.  There are some pages torn out and things like that though so...yea it's apparently incomplete regardless I doubt that ruins the integrity of a shabby little 50 cent 80 page from cover to cover type ordeal.  Who knows though maybe this is my muse or something, a nice little break from this mundane city atleast.