Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here we go again

well I've found a little time to update this thing so here's number 2 guys.
         This weekend has been pretty good.  I'm nearing finish on a nice piece, went to a party, and even laid down some good's been nice.  Still with all of that the most interesting piece would have to be something that happened last night.  Taking my usual smoke break on the fire-escape I came upon a rather interesting note-book.  I opened it up and it appeared to be some sort of journal/work-book so I climbed up top to see if someone had just left it.  It probably belongs to someone upstairs dropped it, ect. whatever regardless Being the nosey prick I am I decided to skim through it.  It's really pretty interesting, lots of drawings and entries, I'll probably read through the whole thing within the next few days.  There are some pages torn out and things like that though so...yea it's apparently incomplete regardless I doubt that ruins the integrity of a shabby little 50 cent 80 page from cover to cover type ordeal.  Who knows though maybe this is my muse or something, a nice little break from this mundane city atleast.

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