Thursday, November 11, 2010

One more thing

Well here it goes, the first one.  I don't plan on having this be a daily blog but on the few occasions where I do post it will most likely be at night...useless information right?  Well regardless I think I should inform all future readers that this is infact going to be written in a journal like format so there may be many fucks asses and shits comming out in regards to the way I am feeling.  Uhm I am new to this process however so do not expect greatness anyways enough with the formalities here it goes.

Today was pretty good, it was a stay-at-home sort of day and I appriciate those a lot more than scrambling to parties or dealing with friends.  It's nice to be reminded of how simple pleasures really are, well enjoyable.  Staying at home is always nice and living in a snug little apartment isn't too bad either...the only issue is no smoking in the rooms...ehh that's not too bad though.  So I did some laundry and drew a bunch of shit, even read a book, jammed, and started this blog.  It's like accomplishing a whole lot of nothing at once is very satisfying.
Lunch wasn't too bad either, half a sub and some mac'n'cheese awesome.  It was nice to have the day off and being veterans day just kind of makes it a bonus, I love parades.  All of the little kids laughing chasing after candy and being thwarted by some of the other dozens in the mod, it just brings ya back.  comming from a big family though I suppose this kind of thing might mean more to me than others...maybe I'm wrong.  regardless I'm now just sitting here watching Clover-field and typing out a blog.  Strangely enough I've never been hugely opposed to blogs but I've never really supported them, I always thought that putting yourself out there like that was largely obnoxious but then again I'm largely shy, maybe doing this will help me over-come my social anxieties.
That's pretty much all I have to say for the day, so now I'm gunna get off of here and just draw some shit, it's always calmed me down before bed.

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