Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the fuck?

After reading that Journal today I've come to 2 conclusions...
1. this kid is kind of young
2. this kid is fucking nuts
I don't know if it was a practical joke leaving it there, my neighbors, or friends just fucking with me or what but jesus christ?   I don't even want to know what this person took with them this is fuckin creepy.  I found allusions to a 'slender-man' and some very disturbed thoughts. After searching the web for a bit I found some videos and stuff, one of my nerd buddies(You know who you are) sent me to a series by marble hornets(did I spell that right?) and I'll admit, it's some pretty cool stuff, but fuck not enough to send someone packing across the country.
He does listen to some kick ass music though.  I found allusions to BTMI songs and some AJJ, good stuff dude...that kind of reinforces the idea that it's someone I know.
So I guess the point of posting this is kid if you read this go home, and if anybody finds some kid packing a note book I suggest you send him on his way.
oh and I took some pictures
...also if my scanner wasn't on the fritz I'd have scanned this but for obvious reasons are some shitty pictures.
(Note: the hand-writing sucks!!!)

I did transcribe the first page and it kind of made me laugh at first but now well shit I dunno, this person was serious...this wasn't just a journal it looks like a survival guide I dunno read for your-self

"To Whoever Finds this
Continue at your own risk
inside are the last reminents of who(what?) I am.
There is something far greater in this world
 and far more terrible than you can imagine

Following this any further will lead(land?) you into 
a catachlysm of obscurity, paranoia, and quite possibly
self (undeciferable)

There are 
^haha it ended with fucking.
I'm not sure though it seems really forced and gawdy, it's probably a joke 
conslusively if this guy was serious he needs some help...but if it's a joke it's pretty funny.
I dunno take it for what you will I'll go look into this slender man and see if I can make heads or tails of this.

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  1. What the- That looks like my hand writing!
    I may admit to drawing him... and making stories, but never keeping a journal.